Youth Media

I enjoy collaborating with young people to produce youth media through the media arts. Media literacy is very important; today’s youth are consuming media mindlessly and its crucial that they learn the tools to produce media from their perspectives.

GLTT Music Video (Youth Media) from Things Are Changing Productions on Vimeo.

Great Loving Time Together written by Restart junior high students in Brownsville, Brooklyn during a 10 week Mima Music workshop. Featuring Marquis, Lorenzo, Diante and Marcos. Teaching artists Katy Walker-Mejia and Josephine Cho. Edited by Katy Walker-Mejia.

makers and Reel Works Teen Filmmaking created an all girls editing workshop in the summer of 2016. As lead instructor, Katy guided six talented young women through the process of editing short form interviews highlighting inspiring women changemakers. They learned how to use Adobe Premiere and After Effects as well as how to edit from transcripts in order to create paper cuts. Some students even created original music using Garageband!  Those that finished their videos early learned out to create a logo sting for their production company.

Watch the interview with activist, Salamisha Tillet.

I also worked with Reel Works and HBO to lead a 4 week workshop on scoring music to trailers and scenes from Star Wars using Garageband on the iPad.


Juventud Proyecto Artes Mediáticas con Aetlier Favela en Nicaragua from Things Are Changing Productions on Vimeo.

Vídeo, fotos, música y arte por la juventud de Aetlier Favela en Ticuantepe, Nicaragua
“Sin Fronteras” y “Pachamama” por Phillip Moltaban & Los Nativos